How to Confirm your American Express card on Phone?

If you’re tired of trying to confirm your American Express online using americanexpress confirmcard website, you can use the phone card confirmation hotline to confirm your card on phone.

How to Confirm your American Express card on Phone?

Here’s the phone card confirmation hotline:


Follow these steps to know how you can confirm your card via phone easily:

  1. Call the above given toll-free number to connect to the American Express card confirmation hotline.
  2. You will be connected to a customer support executive.
  3. Now, they will ask you about which card you’ve to activate.
  4. Answer the question with the card you’re having.
  5. Next, you will be asked more details about the card and other personal details (to verify your identity).
  6. Answer the questions correctly.
  7. Your card will be activated.
NOTE:  The above-given toll-free number is the official American Express phone number. You can verify it by visiting the official website,

Why activating the card by Phone is better than online?

Activating your American Express credit card online can be a lot of work, especially if its the first time you’re doing it.

You can take out the confusion from that by using their phone support for card activation for confirming your card.

The card confirmation hotline has customer representatives who are ready to help with anything regarding your credit card and card confirmation.

We hope you were able to confirm your card by phone easily with the instructions on the page. If you want to confirm your card online, please check this.

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